I've decided to start blogging again, and looking around at the landscape, decided to do a static blog, which is file and text driven. Less things to go wrong, less things to fix. We'll see how it goes. Below, I've outlined some of the technologies and packages that I am currently using. I will try to keep this up-to-date as it evolves.

Blogging package

I'm using Acrylamid version 0.72. I started off using Octopress, and while it was quite flexible and had more features than I needed, I am a Python guy (if anything) and the Ruby setup was a bit more problematic than I wanted to deal with for a simple blog.


The theme in use is an HTML5 theme called Shadow Play 2 from the great folks at HTML5webtemplates. I've modified it a bit to change the footer, changed the style of the sidebar links, and changed the logo image. Those changes can be found in my github repository for this site.

Logo image

The picture of the trees used in the header can be found at

Version Control

I'm using a public github repository to version control this blog. I display the commit hash used to generate the version being served in the footer of the page.

Web Server

A public Amazon S3 bucket serves all the content out. I followed the recipe that Amazon provides here. However, I do not use Route53, but instead use my own DNS servers.